Your Wedding Photography

Your Wedding Images will be available for viewing for 30 days.

Please follow the instructions to view your wedding photos that you were given at the chapel or via email prior to your wedding. 

Photography:  Important Information

Your portraits will be online for 30 days!


We offer a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the images you have selected when viewing your images online after your wedding.

   Just call us at 865-430-3372 and ask for the PHOTO LAB
 or EMAIL your questions to [email protected]

Click HERE to view your photos

Video Recordings

If you prefer not to have your wedding LIVE STREAMED on the internet.   We now offer VIDEO RECORDINGS in addition to Live Streaming Services.

Here's what you need to know:

* Please call us at 865-430-3372 to add this to your wedding package. Any coordinator can assist you.

* Available for Indoor and Outdoor weddings

* Reservations are required and we may not be able to accommodate a last minute add-on request.

* The cost is $199 for all wedding packages. 

Wedding Cake Designs and Pricing


* Please note: these cakes do not include toppers or floral decorations, however, fresh or silk flowers can be added for a small additional fee. Ask your coordinator about the details.

The Traditional Collection

Naked Cake


Rings of Romance

Scrumptious Scrolls

Waves and Rose

Ruffles and Pearls

Ruffles and Roses

Bands of Burlap

Birch Tree

2 Tiered Mini.  $69

6" Heart Shaped. $15

Wedding Cake Price List

Heart Shaped Cakes

6" ................... $15. ........... Serves 2

9" .................... $45 .......... Serves 10

12" .................. $75 ........... Serves 20

Round Tiered Cakes

6"/8" ................. $99 ............... Serves 20
6"/10" .................$149 .............. Serves 35
8"/12" ................. $225 ............. Serves 55

6"/8"/10" ......... $235.................Serves 50 6"/8"/12"............$309................Serves 75

Square Tiered Cakes

6"/10"............. $179.............Serves 50
6"/12"..............$ 265............Serves 70

6"/8"/12"..............$369.............Serves 65 

Groom's Cakes

1/4 Sheet............... $45.................Serves 24
1/2 Sheet............... $65.................Serves 48

2 tier Chocolate Cake....... $149 ...... Serves 35 

Silk Flower Color Options

Colors based on availability. Shades may vary.
Requesting 'specific flowers' will result in additional cost

Color, Shade or Hue may vary


Ivory/ Cream





Pink/ Blush



Baby Blue

Aqua/ Turquoise

Royal Blue

Navy Blue



Plum / Eggplant

Limited Colors
Not always in Stock

Mint Green


Coral/ Peach


Add Sunflowers
Additional $10

Fresh and Keepsake Silk Flower Pricing

Clutch/ Hand Held Bouquets
Starting Prices + tax

Fresh Bouquets

24 Stems/ Roses

18 Stems/ Roses

12 Stems/ Roses

10 Stems/ Roses

8 Stems/ Roses

6 Stems/ Roses

3 Stems/ Roses

Long Stem Single Rose

Bouquets include Babies Breath and

Cascade or Nosegay
Bouquets are an upgrade and priced 

Clutch/ Hand Held
Cascade Bouquets
Starting Prices  + tax


12 Stems/ Roses

18 Stems/

12 Stems/ Roses

6 Stems/ Roses

Add to or change one from the Showroom

Specialty Flowers in Fresh or Silk may result in an additional cost
ie.  Hydrangea, Lilies, Callas, Peonies, Sunflowers etc. 
Ask for additional cost.

Fresh or Silk 
Starting Prices + tax


Fresh Pin-on

Fresh Wristlet

Silk Pin-on

Silk Wristlet

Silk Long Stem Rose

Boutonnieres and Miscellaneous Flowers
Starting Prices + tax

Bouts &

Fresh Boutonniere
$ 9.00

Silk Boutonniere

Bag of Fresh Petals
(red or ivory)

Bag of Silk

Obtaining your TN Marriage License

The license must be issued by the state where the ceremony occurs
(not your home state)

You can obtain your marriage license from any Tennessee County 

There are 3 locations here in SEVIER County where you can obtain your
TN marriage license once you arrive into town.
There is a county clerk in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge (Open Saturdays Only) and in our county seat, Sevierville.

The Location, Phone Number, Hours of Operations for each location
as well as the requirements for obtaining your TN marriage license can be found
on the

Please check this information before arriving to town as hours and days of the week they are open change periodically.

You can apply online within 30 days of your wedding and pick it up when you get into town.  You both need to be present with the proper ID. 

Click Here to Reach the County Clerk's Website

About our Ministers

We offer a Christian Wedding Ceremony by Ordained Ministers or, if you prefer, we also offer a Civil Ceremony.
Just let our wedding coordinators know which one is best for you.

Our staff pastors have been ordained by a local church before beginning their ministry with our Church or they were ordained within our Church. Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Lee K Bennett, was ordained by the First Baptist Church of Clinton, TN, by Rev. Hayward Highfill and the Board of Deacons on December 29th, 1974. He has a BA Degree in Religion from Carson Newman College (1973) and a MA in Religion from Baylor University in Waco, TX granted August 1975.  After having pastored in Dallas, TX, he returned to his home state of Tennessee where he later founded the Church of Chapel at the Park.

What couples have said about our ministers: "We asked if he would use the vows we had written, and he did. He used our names so many times during the ceremony that our guests thought he knew us personally."
" We were amazed and pleased at how their pastor was able to put us at ease
and take the nervousness out of our special day."

From time to time we use other local pastors. We assured that they are ordained and more than capable to provide you with the ceremony that you will remember the rest of your lives.

On occasion, we are asked about you having your own "guest ministers".
We can accommodate your guest minister to perform your ceremony for any of our wedding packages.
We request that you work with your officiant so that the ceremony is between 8-10 minutes so that our photographers have time to perform their responsibilities in taking pre-ceremony, ceremony portraits as well as post-ceremony friends/ family portraits as well as your romance portraits.

Though, our policy is quite flexible, we cannot determine the length of a guest minister's ceremony and our experience in the past is that these ceremonies tend to be much longer. We have an obligation to provide a family and friends photo session (if you are having guests) after the ceremony as well as a "romance portrait" session.

If your minister's ceremony runs long, we will not be able to provide those post-ceremony photo sessions. If is your responsibility to explain this to your officiant and it is your officiants responsibility to complete the marriage license. We will process it back to the TN county from which you obtained it.    Our ministers perform the ceremonies at no cost, so there is no credit if you bring your own officiant. 

Adding a "Family Ceremony"

Family Ceremonies
In a second marriage, it is often important to let children know how much they are loved and what an important part of the marriage and new family they really are.

For this reason, we can add a FAMILY CEREMONY to any one of our 1 hour wedding packages.
The cost is $35 and that can include them in the lighting of the unity candle ceremony by having them hand you the smaller candle to light the Unity Candle or if you choose to have a Sand Ceremony, including them with their own sand color.

Also, A Family Medallion Ceremony is available. After the Couple exchanges their wedding rings, the minister will call on the child(ren) to come forward and will talk about their role in the marriage and how important they are to you. We offer gold plated or silver plated medallions. This beautiful charm has 3 interlocking circles, one for mom, one for dad and one for the child representing how important each one is to the marriage and new family.

Typically, the minister will have the non-biological parent place the medallion on the child as a symbol of bringing them into the new family. The Family Ceremony with 1 medallion is $49 and each additional medallion is $35.

Ask your coordinator for details. Also, for a 'gift exchange' Family Ceremony, some couples bring 'gifts' for their children and present the child with the gift along with the Unity Ceremony. Again, the cost is just $35 to add a Family Ceremony.

Guest Photographers

Bringing your own Photographer

You are welcome to bring your own photographer for any of our 30 min + wedding packages. (We cannot accommodate a guest photographer for the Short & Simple wedding package)

Please Note: Guest photographers must work within the time frame of your reservation. Guest photographers cannot access the chapel or grounds before or after your reservation time frame. They will be unfamiliar with the Chapel, the outdoor areas available for portraits or any special lighting needs. Though our staff photographer will be on site in most instances, they will not take portraits alongside your photographer, but will be available to assist them if they have questions.

We recommend you select one of our packages with a longer reservation time in case your photographer requires more time. The reservation time cannot be extended last minute on the day of your wedding.

There is no credit applied to the packages when you bring your own photographer.

Limousine Service

Sweetheart Limousine Service 

Add to the Elegance and Excitement of your Special Day
by adding LIMOUSINE Services.

1971 Chapman Highway, Sevierville, TN 37876
Servicing Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville
(865) 397-5466 Email:

[email protected]
Just give them a call and they will set everything up for you.