Info and Policies

.Cancellation Policy:

The deposit for your wedding is 25% of the total cost of your wedding. Once you reserve your wedding with us and have paid your initial deposit (25% of the total wedding cost), you will have 72 hours in which to cancel your wedding with only a $25 cancellation processing fee.

If you cancel your wedding after 72 hours of paying your deposit, that deposit is non-refundable regardless of purpose or how far in the future your wedding is schedule.

If you are planning a last minute wedding (scheduled within 30 days of your wedding date and time) and then need to cancel, there would be no refund. The 72 hour consideration period would not apply for last minute planning. If for any reason, you need to cancel your wedding, Please call us at 800-693-6479. * Madness weddings have a 50% deposit requirement.

Final payment is due 1 month prior to your wedding at which time your account should be paid in full.

You can postpone your wedding one time without penalty as long as your request is more than 1 month prior to your wedding date.

Should you need to cancel within 1 month of your original wedding date, you will forfeit everything that you have paid toward your wedding.

When outside vendors are hired to perform services included in your wedding package or that you have added to your wedding package, additional cancellation fees may be imposed in order to pay the deposits to these vendors. (included but not limited to Limousine Service, Lodging, Receptions, DJ services etc)


There are some limitations in the amenities that we are able to offer. Your package includes one song for the processional.  A special song can be played during the photo session after the ceremony and will be recorded on the wedding DVD (if one is included in the package you selected)  The price of your package does not include live music or instruments.

Flowers in our Wedding Packages:  If your wedding package includes fresh or silk flowers, they are priced as standard bouquets..  Most are created in the hand held or nosegay style.   There is a $25 upgrade fee for Cascade bouquets.  We ask the wedding couple to select one or two colors to mix so that the floral designer can create a unique bouquet specifically for you.      Should you request specialty flowers (i.e. lilies, hydrangea) or exotic flowers, or named flowers, there will be an additional fee. Also, please remember we are a small resort town and at times it may not be possible to get some particular flowers requested. In those circumstances, we will make substitutions that match as closely as is possible to your request.   With most packages, the floral designer creates your bouquet with 12 stems (roses and/or other flowers she may have in her shop in your color palette), babies breath and greenery. 

For any and all services provided, our contract is with the couple getting married only regardless of who made the payment for the wedding or the service. In the event of Acts of God, technical or human error, Chapel at the Park assumes responsibility only up to the financial amount paid for the particular service by the bride and groom. Chapel at the Park is the copyright holder for all portraits and negatives. We do not allow guest professional photographers because that is part of the service we offer. For outdoor weddings,  No video equipment is permitted unless written permission is provided.  This is the only way we can perform a well orchestrated ceremony.  Ask your wedding coordinator for details if something is unclear. 

Access to the dressing Suite:  Please note that in most packages, the two of you are to arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to dress and meet separately with the minister and photographer.  Your hair and make-up need to be completely done before arriving to the chapel.   (Unless your letter states differently) You may have one person arrive with you to assist you in dressing. All other guests & family members, including children, must come dressed to the chapel. We want the focus to be on the bride and groom. We do not provide dressing accommodations for wedding guests. We also do not have accommodations for the bride, groom, or guests to change after the wedding.   As per fire code: No blow dryers, curling irons or other small appliances can be brought into the Chapel.

For our 30 minute wedding reservations: These would be our Tennessee Twosome, The Gazebo Wedding and the Ever-After Wedding, Waterfall Forever. Everyone, including the wedding couple, must arrived dressed and ready to meet the minister and the photographer when you arrive. These are more casual weddings without the traditions of our larger wedding packages. These weddings do not include music, a processional, escorts, a bridal party, flower girls/ ring bearers, family ceremonies, etc.  For a more traditional wedding with music and other traditions, please consider our 1 or 2 hour wedding packages.

Guest Counts: For all Wedding Packages, any guests that attend over the maximum number allowable in each package, shall result in per person fee or a fee equivalent to the difference between your wedding package and the next larger wedding package. These fees will automatically be processed to the credit card on file.   If your guest count exceeds 50 people in total (guests and bridal party) you will need to consider keeping your guest count to 50 or consider selecting a wedding package with a 2 hour reservation.

For OUTDOOR Weddings: Please note that the chapel is available at no additional cost should the weather be uncooperative. For inclimate weather, we will need to move your wedding indoors if it is actively raining or threatens to rain during your ceremony. We will be tracking the storm via local radar forecasts. Also, if the temperature dips below 45 degrees, we will need to move your wedding in doors for safety reasons.   We will do everything we can to have your outdoor wedding outdoors, however, the chapel staff reserves the right to move your outdoor wedding indoors should it be raining within 90 minutes of your arrival time to the chapel.  We can not take the chance of having our banquet style chairs or camera equipment damaged due to the rain. 

"PHOTOGRAPHY":  Our contracts with the photographers do not permit guest photographers or guest  to use there personal cameras on the chapel grounds.   We want your guests to enjoy your wedding without being papparazzi and getting their cameras in all of your wedding portraits.    Where you have a choice of printed portraits or digitial images for a given package, the photographers guarantee that they will take at lease twice as many photographs as listed for printed portaits (not digital images).    If your wedding package only includes digital images, the photographers guarantee that they will take as least twice as many images as listed in your wedding package.  Monday/Tuesday Madness Special only included the CD option.