Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I expect once I have reserved my wedding date and time?    Once you reserve your wedding, one of our wedding coordinators will be assigned to you and your wedding.    Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email with your names and wedding date along with some policy information and licensing information.  Read that to be sure it's correct and reply back to that email so that we know you received it.   Then in about 7 days, you will receive a welcome packet in the mail with all of the details of your wedding package, the address of the chapel and office and some important information to know.   Of course, all that information is on our website for you to review as well.  Easy and stress free planning.

Do I need a Tennessee Marriage license?   Yes, you need to obtain a marriage license from the state in which the ceremony is being held.    The cost for out-of-state residents is about $45 and must be obtained from any county clerk's office in the state of TN.  (Unfortunately, chapels can  not issue a marriage license.)   What do I need?  here's the link to all that information.  Requirements, locations, addresses and telephone numbers. 

Does the cost of my wedding include the Marriage License?  No, again, unfortunately the chapels can not issue licenses... you'll need to obtain it from any county in TN. 

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just show up? You will need to make a reservation as we do not always have a minister or photographer at the chapel on all days at all time.

What do I need to bring with me?   Definitely be sure your have your TN marriage license when you arrive to the chapel along with the rings.  We often suggest that you never are out of sight of your wedding dress.   Do not have someone else bring your dress to the chapel as they may get delayed.   It's best if you have the license, the rings and your wedding attire with you when you arrive.

May I have my own minister? We can accommodate guest ministers in 1 or 2 ways. For any of our 1 hour wedding packages, we invite a guest minister to say the wedding blessing or prayer and our minister will perform the ceremony. For any of our 90 minute or 2 hour wedding packages, we invite a guest minister to perform the entire Ceremony.

May my guests use the cameras and cell phone cameras?  Unfortunately, our contract with the photographer do not allow for outside photography so guests may not use their personal cameras anywhere on the property.   It's best if you alert your guests to this so that they can relax and be your wedding guests and not papirazzi so that they are not surprised or angry at us when they arrive for your wedding.   We'd appreciate that. 

May I have my own photographer?  Yes, for any of our two hour wedding packages, we can accommodate a guest photographer.   Please be aware that a guest photographer, though capable, will not know the lighting in the chapel, the best places to stand without interrupting the ceremony or avoid walking in front of the video cameras,  or the best places on the property for taking your portraits.   If you are comfortable with all of that, we can accommodate your guest photographer.    We do need to know in advance if this is your plan.

Tell me more about the photography:  

Ok, the photographers guarantee that they will take at least twice as many portraits included in the base wedding package though they often take more.   They will be available for viewing 24-48 hours after your wedding in a secure online Photo Gallery and available for viewing for 60 days.   You may make your selections from that gallery, however, you will need to order the ones in your package with the PHOTO SELECTION ORDER FORM given to you the day before or day of your wedding.  If you want a few more than are included in your wedding package, you can add images to you CD for just $5 each and that will include the copyrights.   

Digital Photo CD versus Prints:   If you select the Digital Photo CD option, you will receive the COPYRIGHTS to those images.  If you select the Prints option, you will not receive the copyrights to those images.   Also, please note that if you select the Prints option, the special offer pricing for the entire CD of all the images is not available.  The Digital CD when taking the Prints option will be $249-$299 depending on your wedding package.   

Restrictions in image selection:  WE MAKE NO RESTRICTIONS:   Some Chapels restrict the images you can select with you inital order, such as CEREMONY ONLY.  If you want outdoor photography or photography with yoru family and friends, there is an additional cost.  WE DO NOT RESTRICT which images you can select with your initial order.  All images taken are available for viewing and for your digital CD.    You should ask about this if you are considering other chapels.  

May I have a 'bridal party' stand up with us?  Yes, absolutely.   We can accommdate your bridal party as well as a flower girl and/or ring bearer at no additional cost.   Please keep in mind that for indoor weddings, the petals of the flower girl must be silk and for outdoor weddings, the petals must be fresh.  (We can order them for you if you need us to).    Also, you are more than welcome to have an escort for your entrance.   

What information should I be giving my guests?   Great Question. There is a link on our website for information frequently requested by wedding guests.   It would be great to include this link in your emails or invitations to your guests so that that can get the chapel address and a lot more information they will find helpful.    GUEST INFORMATION, click on MORE INFO, then click on WEDDING GUEST INFORMATION.