Cancellation Policy

The deposit for your wedding is 25% of the total cost of your wedding.  (50% for Madness Weddings)  Once you reserve your wedding with us and have paid your initial deposit (25% of the total wedding cost), you will have 72 hours in which to cancel your wedding with only a $25 cancellation processing fee. Please note: 

If you cancel your wedding after 72 hours of paying your deposit, that deposit is non-refundable regardless of purpose or how far in the future your wedding is schedule.

If you are planning a last minute wedding (scheduled within 30 days of your wedding date and time) and then need to cancel, there would be no refund. The 72 hour consideration period would not apply for last minute planning. If for any reason, you need to cancel your wedding, Please call us at 800-693-6479. 

Final payment is due 1 month prior to your wedding at which time your account should be paid in full.

If for any reason, you need to postpone your wedding, contact us immediately as there may be fees incurred depending on the timing of your postponement, the complexity of your wedding package or if any of the third party vendors (lodging, limo, catering, etc) apply change fees.  We may not be able to acommodate your request to postpone  if it is within 1 month of your scheduled wedding date.  Again, contact us immediately at 865-430-3372. 

Should you need to cancel within 1 month of your original wedding date, you will forfeit everything that you have paid toward your wedding.

When outside vendors are hired to perform services included in your wedding package or that you have added to your wedding package, additional cancellation fees may be imposed in order to pay the deposits to these vendors. (included but not limited to Limousine Service, Lodging, Receptions, DJ services, personalized items etc)