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View Your Wedding Portraits Online

YOUR ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY: Within 24-48 hours after your wedding, the photo lab will create your personal online digital photo gallery of all of the portraits taken during your wedding. This gallery will be available online for 2 months so that you will have plenty of time to view and select the portraits that come with your wedding. Please note that these portraits are not high definition online, but will be burned to your CD or printed in high definition. After 2 months, the gallery will automatically become unavailable online. The photo lab keeps the images for up to 7 years and if you need them placed back online after the complimentary 2 month grace period, there will be a $25 fee for the photo lab to recreate the gallery and host the portraits for an additional 30 days.

** Though guests will not be able to use their personal cameras and cellphones at the Chapel or grounds, they are more than welcome to use their cameras if you are having a reception. If available, we can arrange to have a photographer at your reception. Pricing varies based on availability.

"PHOTOGRAPHY": Our contracts with the photographers do not permit guest photographers or guest to use their personal cameras on the chapel grounds. We want your guests to enjoy your wedding without being paparazzi and getting their cameras in all of your wedding portraits. Where you have a choice of printed portraits or digital images for a given package, the photographers guarantee that they will take at lease twice as many photographs as listed for printed portaits (not digital images). If your wedding package only includes digital images, the photographers guarantee that they will take at least twice as many images as listed in your wedding package. Monday/Thursday Madness Special, where only digital images are available, the photographers will guarantee at least twice as many photographs as listed for printed portraits. Please note that they typically do take more. There is a set of core portraits that the photographers work with. They will take portraits, before, during and after your wedding ceremony, however, they do not guarantee specific poses that you may see on our website. They will try to accommodate specific requests if possible. After each wedding, the photographers will upload your images to a 3rd party vendor within 24-48 hours or your wedding and they will be available for viewing for 2 months after which they will automatically become unavailable for viewing. There is a $25 fee to have them re-posted to the internet so it is important you make your selection within the 2 month time frame. Please note that the images are not always sequentially numbered and when making your selection, please select the IMG number, not the PAGE number. We want to ensure you receive the images you really want! If you have any questions, please call the photo lab at 865-430-3372