Chapel at the Park - Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 37738, United States

Reservation and Chapel Polices

To Make a Reservation: To reserve your date and time, we simply request a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the wedding and services you want for your wedding due at the time you make your reservation. After that initial deposit, please feel free to make payments along the way with your final balance due 1 month prior to your wedding. Once you reserve your wedding with us, one of our wedding coordinators will be assigned to you and your wedding and the will guide you through the decision making process: The deposit for Madness priced weddings is 50% of the total cost with the final balance due 1 month prior to your wedding as well. Easy and Stress Free Planning.

There are some limitations in the amenities that we are able to offer.   For any and all services provided, our contract is with the couple only regardless of who made the reservation or the payment for the wedding or the services. In the event of Acts of God, technical or human error, Chapel at the Park assumes responsibility only up to the financial amount paid for the particular service by the couple . Chapel at the Park is the copyright holder for all portraits, digital images and negatives.

As we are a small resort town, there are some limitations as to the amenities that we are able to offer.

Chapel Polices and Additional Information

AT THE CHAPEL: Please note that in most packages the couple are to arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to dress and meet separately with the minister and photographer. (Unless your letter states differently)  Brides may have one person in the dress room to help her slip into her wedding attire.  That person must arrive dressed.   We strongly recommend that the grooms arive dressed and be ready to meet with the minister and photographer.  The dressing rooms are not available for our 30 minute wedding packages/ reservations.

All other guests & family members, including children (especially the flower girls), must come dressed to the chapel. We want the focus to be on the Wedding Couple. We are unable to provide dressing accommodations for wedding guests. We are also unable to provide accommodations for the brides, grooms, or guests to change after the wedding.  If any one arrives needing to change, there is a per person dressing fee. To avoid this additional fee, please make sure everyone is dressed for the ceremony prior to arriving to the chapel.

For all Wedding Packages, any guests that attend over the maximum number allowable in each package, there will be a per person fee or a fee equivalent to the difference between your wedding package and the next larger wedding package. If your guest count exceeds 50 people in total (guests and bridal party) you will need to consider keeping your guest count to 50 or consider selecting a wedding package with a 90 minute to 2 hour reservation. The photo lab will not release your images if your account is not paid in full.

Ceremony Music: Most wedding packages includes one song for the processional. We offer the Traditional Bridal March or Pachelbel's Canon in "D".  If you would prefer a different processional song, please bring the song burned to a CD with you and we can play that instead.

Depending on the wedding package, we can play a "SPECIAL SONG" Request after the ceremony during the photo session. Again, if you have one in mind, please bring the song burned to a CD with you as well and if your wedding package includes a DVD, your "Special Song" will be recorded on the DVD.

We are unable to offer music for our 30 minute wedding packages. Ask your wedding coordinator for details.

Flowers: If your wedding package includes fresh or silk flowers, here's the information we will need for the floral designers. To be in step with the newest trends, we are asking our couples to select a color or a color mix for their bouquet. The Floral Designer will then create a unique bouquet with the flowers in her shop in your colors on the day of your wedding. Selecting exotic or specific flowers may result in additional costs.

For KEEPSAKE SILK Bouquets: There are a lot more color options when selecting silk flowers. We offer approximately 18-20 colors from which to choose. If you have a specific color request that is unique or not on our website, please consider sending us ribbon in your color and we will have the floral designer incorporate it into your flowers.

Also, please remember we are a small resort town and at times it may not be possible to get specific flowers requested. In those circumstances, we will make substitutions that match as closely as is possible to your request. With most packages, the floral designer creates your bouquet with 12 stems (roses and/or other flowers she may have in her shop in your color palette), babies breath and greenery. All bouquet styles are created with the same number of stems.

Please keep in mind that exotic or specific flower requests may result in additional charges. For example, if you request lilies or hydrangea, they are usually $15 per stem, gerbera daisies are $3 additional per stem, peonies can be as much as $25 per stem depending on season availability.

If you have a photograph of a bouquet that you found online, please email it to us at and we will get it to the floral designers for pricing.

Photography Policies and Information

"UNPLUGGED" Weddings: As with all chapels in the area, we can not accommodate camera/ cell phone use by outside professional photographers or by guests as this is a service we offer. Our photographers will capture every moment.  Our goal is to perform a well orchestrated ceremony. We realize that this may seem strict, but it's the only way we can guarantee that our photographers will capture all of the special moments before, during and after your ceremony without over exposure from guest camera flashes and that guests do not step in front of our photographer while they are trying to do their job. Please include in your wedding invitations that you have hired a professional photographer and that you are having an "UNPLUGGED" wedding. We want your guests to focus on the two of you and your ceremony, not on being paparazzi.  For outdoor weddings: as we do not offer outdoor videograhy, we do have a platform where you can set up a camera on a stationary tripod to run during the ceremony.  

Our Photographers: Our contract is with our photographers and are the only ones to take portraits anywhere on the chapel grounds. We want your guests to enjoy your wedding ceremony and be in the moment without being paparazzi and getting their cameras in all of your wedding portraits taken by our photographer.

** Though guests will not be able to use their personal cameras and cell phones at the Chapel or grounds, they are more than welcome to use their cameras if you are having a reception. If available, we can arrange to have a photographer at your reception. Pricing varies based on availability.

Your Online Photography Gallery: Within 24-48 hours after your wedding, the photo lab will create a personal online digital photo gallery of all of the portraits taken during your wedding. This gallery will be available online for 60 days so that you will have plenty of time to view and select the portraits that come with your wedding. Please order the images that come with your wedding package with 12 months of your wedding, however, in most cases, the photo lab keeps the original CD's for up to 3 years. Please note that these images are not high definition online, but will be burned to your CD or printed in high definition. After 60 days, the gallery will automatically become unavailable online. If you need them placed back online after the complimentary 60 day grace period, there will be a $25 fee for the photo lab to recreate the gallery and host the portraits for an additional 30 days.

Selecting your Portraits After Your Wedding:  Where you have a choice of printed portraits or digital images for a given package, the photographers guarantee that they will take at lease twice as many photographs as listed for printed portraits (not digital images). If your wedding package only includes digital images, the photographers guarantee that they will take at least twice as many images as listed in your wedding package.

Madness Pricing Special weddings include the digital image option only.  

There is a set of core portraits that the photographers work with. They will take portraits, before, during and after your wedding ceremony, however, they do not guarantee specific poses that you may see on our website. They will try to accommodate specific requests if possible.  After each wedding, the photographers will upload your images to a 3rd party vendor within 24-48 hours or your wedding and they will be available for viewing for 60 days after which they will automatically become unavailable for viewing. There is a $25 fee to have them re-posted to the internet so it is important you make your selection within the 60 day time frame. Please note that the images are not always sequentially numbered and when making your selection, please select the IMG number, not the PAGE number. We want to ensure you receive the images you really want!  If you have any questions, please call the photo lab at 865-430-3372

If your wedding package includes PRINTS or IMAGE option.   The images will be burned to a CD and you will own the copyrights to those images.  If you select the PRINTS option, the copyrights are not included.   If you purchase the entire CD option, the prints are not automatically included as well.  If you decide you want both the Prints and the entire CD option, the additional cost is $249 for our 1 hour wedding packages and  $299 for our 2 hour wedding packages.  

HOLIDAY WEDDINGS: Lodging: On some holidays, holiday weekends, holiday weeks, the cabin companies require a 3 night minimum and we will need to add a 3rd night to the 2 nights lodging included in our wedding packages at your expense. (we can always credit out the lodging). Also, there may be an upgrade charge applied for holiday lodging,

CHRISTMAS EVE, CHRISTMAS DAY and THANKSGIVING DAY:  We are closed on these 3 days so that our staff may be with their family and friends for these holidays.

NEW YEAR'S EVE and NEW YEAR'S DAY Weddings: When NYE or New Year's Day falls on a weekday, Holiday/ Weekend pricing only will be available for this very popular holiday. Madness Pricing is not available on New Year's Eve.  Also, there may be an upgrade charge applied for holiday lodging

LEAP YEAR Weddings: On February 29th... Madness Pricing is not available on Leap Year should it fall on a Monday or Tuesday.

VALENTINE'S DAY Weddings: Madness Pricing is not available on Valentine's Day should it fall on a Monday or Tuesday. Saturday/ Holiday Pricing is applied if this holiday falls Monday-Friday.

MONDAY HOLIDAY Weddings: Madness Pricing is not available, however, weekday pricing is available:  i.e.  Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, President's Day, MLK Day etc. 

If any of this information is not clear, please give us a call and we will help clarify the details.

** LODGING NOTICE: As JULY and OCTOBER are not only the busiest wedding months in Gatlinburg, it's the two months visited most by tourists. The cabin companies that we work with are requiring a 3 night minium stay for all of JULY and OCTOBER. If you select a package that has two nights included during these two months, we will need to add a 3rd night to your stay or credit the loding included in the package. As we do not own the cabins, we must comply with the cabin companies request and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:
The deposit for your wedding is 25% of the total cost of your wedding. Once you reserve your wedding with us and have paid your initial deposit (25% of the total wedding cost), you will have 72 hours in which to cancel your wedding with only a $25 cancellation processing fee.
If you cancel your wedding after 72 hours of paying your deposit, that deposit is non-refundable regardless of purpose or how far in the future your wedding is schedule.

If you are planning a last minute wedding (scheduled within 30 days of your wedding date and time) and then need to cancel, there would be no refund. The 72 hour consideration period would not apply for last minute planning. If for any reason, you need to cancel your wedding, Please call us at 800-693-6479. * Madness weddings have a 50% deposit requirement.

Final payment is due 1 month prior to your wedding at which time your account should be paid in full.

You can postpone your wedding one time without penalty as long as your request is more than 1 month prior to your wedding date.

Should you need to cancel within 1 month of your original wedding date, you will forfeit everything that you have paid toward your wedding.

When outside vendors are hired to perform services included in your wedding package or that you have added to your wedding package, additional cancellation fees may be imposed in order to pay the deposits to these vendors. (included but not limited to Limousine Service, Lodging, Receptions, DJ services, persoalized items etc)

Chapel at the Park
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Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 37738, United States
Call: 800-693-6479 or 865-430-3372


The 3.2 acres estate is nestled on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Open House Tours most Sunday: 10am-3pm. Other days by appointment. The LOCATION is the Smoky Mountains, but the DESTINATION has "Got To Be GATLINBURG". . Our White Wooden Chapel is located in a forest of trees. The rose gardens and lush landscaping are a perfect backdrop for photography. The Sanctuary seats up to 60 guests. The Outdoor Wedding Center seats up to 70. The Chapel's secluded grounds offer beautiful and romantic places for your intimate wedding portraits. We border with the Great Smoky National Park. Included on the grounds are two waterfalls, our signature white wood gazebo, the rose gardens, our 'enchanted forest', all of which can be the backdrop for your wedding portraits. We are not a road side chapel like so many other chapels. We are proud to have been featured in the NY TIMES more than once. Visit our Gatlinburg Wedding Chapel. "Couples who see our Chapel, choose our Chapel": Plan a Visit: OPEN HOUSE TOURS of the Chapel and Grounds Each Sunday from 10am - 3pm. (subject to change - please call to confirm the Sunday you are planning a visit)