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Wedding Cakes: Traditional Collection

Together Forever 

For these 9 designs:  Choose from White or Chocolate Cake with White or Ivory Butter Cream icing. All of our cakes are baked and decorated by a local cake designer with years of experience.

ALL NINE Designs can be created with 2 or 3 tiers depending on what you want or what is included in your wedding package

Cake Toppers are not included however, you are more than welcome to bring your own topper.   Also,  the baker will create an Icing Rose topper at no additional cost.  Silk and Fresh Flower Toppers are available starting at $35 each.

Groom's Cake are available as well.  Our Traditional Groom's Cake when included in one of our wedding packages is Chocolate Cake/ Chocolate Icing sheet cake.  Designer Grooms' Cake are also available.  Pricing varies based on design.

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Traditional Elegance Wedding Cake

Traditional Elegance

Pure romance wedding cake

Pure Romance

Teardrops of Joy Wedding Cake

Teardrops of Joy

Five New Standard Cakes

Wedding Cake Bands of Burlap

Bands of Burlap

Wedding Cake Ruffles and Roses

Ruffles and Roses

Wedding Cake Scrumptious Scrolls

Scrumptious Scrolls

Wedding Cake Ruffles and Pearls

Ruffles and Pearls:

Wedding Cake Waves and Roses

Waves and Roses

If you do not want to transport a cake from "your home to here", or if you do not want to pay high hotel or restaurant prices for your wedding cake, we can take care of all of the arrangements for having your cake ready for your wedding. 

We will have your cake delivered to a Gatlinburg restaurant or hotel of your choice free of charge  OR   you can pick it up at our office and take it to your cabin or chalet.

 If you prefer a fresh or silk foral topper to match your wedding bouquet or a keepsake topper, we will be glad to assist you.  We can also have the cake's top layer left flat and smooth so that you can place your own cake topper. 

The cake servers, cake toppers and cherubs depicted in the photographs are not included in the price of these cakes.    Additional flavors, fillings and alternate icings can be added for an additional cost depending on what you choose.   Square cakes, which require as much as 25% extra batter are slightly higher in price. 

Glasses and Cake

Our 2 TIERED MINI cake  
Available as pictured:  white cake with white icing... when you want just a bit more goodness.  Perfect for Two. $39

Groom's Cake
  • Chocolate Cake/ Chocolate Icing
    • Available: 
    •     1/4 Sheet - $30
    •     1/2 Sheet - $60

CATP - Cake-Glasses-Candle

Cake for Two:  Individually boxed
 heart shaped wedding cake for two  $12

  • Pictures with Etched toasting glasses
  • and Personalized Unity Candle

Call for Pricing Information when selecting a Designer Cake


Pricing Below is for cakes in the Traditional Collection

Wedding Cake Sizes             (Serves)                   Price

6" Heart Shaped                         (2)                          $12

9" Heart Shaped, 2 Layers       (Up to 10)                 $39

12" Heart Shaped, 2 Layers     (Up to 20)                 $60

2 Tiered Mini                          Special treat for the 2 of you.       $39

2-Tier Round                          (Up to 20) / 8" Bottom, 6" Top      $99

2-Tier Round                          (Up to 35) / 10" Bottom, 6" Top    $129

2-Tier Round                          (Up to 45) / 12" Bottom, 6" Top    $150

2-Tier Square                         (Up to 50) / 10" Bottom, 6" Top     $150

2-Tier Square                         (Up to 70) / 12" Bottom, 8" Top     $240

3-Tier Round                          (Up to 50)/ 10" Bottom, 8" Middle, 6" Top    $195

3-Tier Round                          (Up to 75)/ 12" Bottom, 8" Middle, 6" Top    $285

3-Tier Round                          (Up to 95)/ 14" Bottom, 10" Middle, 6" Top   $375


3-Tier Square                         (Up to 65)/ 12" Bottom, 8" Middle, 6" Top       $339

3-Tier Square                          (Up to 85)/14" Bottom, 10" Middle, 6" Top    $565

Groom Cakes

Chocolate Cake                      (Up to 24) / 1/4 Sheet                $30

Chocolate Cake                      (Up to 48) / 1/2 Sheet                $60

2-Tier Chocolate Cake             (Up to 35)/ 10" Bottom, 6" Top    $129


Please note:  The 6", 9" and 12" heart shaped cakes are baked as  traditional white wedding cake and decorated with white buttercream icing... the baker does beautiful work enhancing the icing with wedding piping and icing roses.